Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I want a Knights Templar t-shirt too

Watched the first episode of Bonekickers twice last week - once on iPlayer after it screened south of the border in England, and again on Friday night when BBC Scotland broadcast it. The first time round I didn't enjoy the show, having bought into all the 'from the creators of Life on Mars' hype. Second time of asking? Loved it. Bonekickers is the biggest, daftest piece of fun on British TV this summer.

Let's face it, there's no much new on telly to get excited about at the moment. Summer is traditionally the silly season, when less successful commissions get burnt off by channels. Nobody launches their great new shows when most people are outside enjoying the sunshine [largely a theoretical notion here in Scotland] or on holiday. Three weeks spent in New Zealand earlier this year means I don't get a summer holiday.

Instead I get to stay home and watch top notch tosh like Bonekickers. Found myself pining for a new episode last night when there was feck all worth watching on the telly. Savoured the delights of Cracker instead - specifically the one where Robert Carlisle shaves his head and goes on a killing spree. Forgotten how funny Cracker is, in between the murder and angst. Written by Jimmy McGovern, produced by Paul Abbott - now that's a TV drama dream team.

Anyway, Bonekickers is back on the BBC tonight [if you don't live in Scotland]. I'm guessing the Army of God [actually two blokes in limited edition Knights Templar t-shirts] won't be back, as this week's episode seems to be about the slave trade. Perhaps somebody could merchandise those t-shirts with a few choice quotes from relevant episode on the back, such as 'Identify yourself, creepy caller!'

Guess I'll just have to watch some more Cracker while I'm waiting.


Jason Arnopp said...

Well said, The Bishop. Now, for the love of Jehovah, may we please go to the pub?

I was surprised by how many people objected to that "pub" line, when in fact it seemed to sum up the show's entire statement of intent.

Anonymous said...

Forgotten how funny Cracker is, in between the murder and angst

Cracker: What's a small Scotch?

Longfaced barman, deadpan: It's a well-known alcoholic drink...

Cracker: Don't give up your day job!

Barman: One pound twenty.
Cracker: That's quite reasonable...

Barman, even more deadpan: It's Happy Hour.

Barry said...

Watched Bonekickers and thought it was very poor and extremely indulgent.