Monday, June 16, 2008

Sometimes, a scribe's gotta do

Having spent most of the past two weeks nurturing my Sharps entry, it's time to do some paying work. Devoting as much time as possible to speculative writing bears results in the long run, but it sure don't pay the bills here and now. This week I shall be knuckling down to work that brings more immediate rewards. As a consequence, I won't be attending the 2008 Edinburgh International Film Festival, which begins Wednesday. Apologies to friends who had work in the EIFF.

Postings to this blog will also be less visible over the coming fortnight. Heading south on Friday to visit in-laws, not back until late Sunday. The following Sunday I'm going down to That Fancy London for more visiting and what not, en route to the 2008 Screenwriters' Festival in Cheltenham. I'm a guest speaker at the festival on Tuesday, July 1st, and probably won't return until late the following day. Between now and then, I hope to be busy. Onwards.

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