Sunday, June 29, 2008

En route to Cheltenham via places various

I head off for the Screenwriters' Festival today, stopping at Edinburgh, Stansted, London and Swindon en route. Tomorrow I shall be visiting galleries in London, soaking up some culture and seeing if the work of Vilhelm Hammershoi is as impressive on canvas as it looks on the page. Up bright and early Tuesday to hit Cheltenham, on stage before lunch, followed by fun and games thereafter. Back home late Wednesday, so chances are I won blog again until Thursday.

You know the rules by now: you break it, you pay for it; play nice with the other kids; and don't forget to write. Onwards!


Laura Anderson said...

All the best for Cheltenham David - I'm sorry I won't be there to hear your talk!

Lee said...

I thought that was London and Sweden for a moment there, which seemed a fairly circuitous route to get to Gloucestershire.

See you there, pointy-toes.