Friday, May 30, 2008

Legs Akimbo: For Your Thighs Only

There's an interesting article at Print magazine about the prevalence of through the legs cover imagery over the years, with Steven Heller dissecting the uses and abuses of this trend. Back when I was editing 2000 AD [somewhere near the dawn of time, IIRC], the need to come up with a new cover every week meant I wasn't afraid to borrow imagery from other sources as inspiration. Still, at least this article proves I'm neither the first nor last to do so. Here are two racy examples of covers going all legs akimbo...UPDATE: In addition to the legs akimbo trend, you can also find a line of chick lit book covers that favour a knees together approach. Go visit the homepage of author Adele Parks and you'll see what I mean. [Thanks to fellow writer Daniel Blythe for the linkage.]

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