Monday, April 21, 2008

Who cares about the writers, right?

Caught the end of the BAFTA television awards last night. It always bemuses me that writers - the people without whom TV dramas and comedy wouldn't exist - don't merit a place at the ceremony. The trophy for best writing is instead presented at another ceremony next month, the BAFTA television craft awards. Who cares about the writers, right? In case you're interested, here are the nominees for best writing this year...
TONY MARCHANT – The Mark of Cain (Channel 4/Red Production Company)
JIMMY MCGOVERN – The Street (BBC One/Granada Productions)
STEVEN MOFFAT – Doctor Who (Blink) (BBC One/BBC Wales)
HEIDI THOMAS – Cranford (BBC One/BBC Drama Productions/WGBH Boston/Chestermead Ltd)

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Paul Neal said...

Surprised Paul Cornell doesn't get a nod for his two part Dr Who story. (or is it because this was adapted from his novel?)

Would have thought that deserved recognition.