Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unexpected moment in Pushing Daisies 1.02

Having bought the British broadcast rights for the first season of US comedy drama Pushing Daisies, some genius decided to screen the show in primetime on Saturday night. Alas, they only had an eight-week slot, and the first season ran to nine episodes before getting curtailed by the writers' strike across the Atlantic.

So what did ITV do? Dump the second episode, and jump straight from 1.01 to 1.03. Missing out the second episode doesn't drastically effect anyone's enjoyment of the other episodes, but it's a cracking standalone that deserves to be seen. Since that don't look like happening for British viewers anytime soon, above you can see a clip of my favourite moment from that lost episode. Enjoy.


Laura Anderson said...

Madness, isn't it? With all those digital channels they have, too.

We bought the second episode from itunes and watched it that way - I'm such a responsible little thing.

Quite enjoying the programme so far - it's like a sickly sweet tim burton vehicle.

Paul Campbell said...

That was brilliant.

Thank you.

PS. Any chance of a quick e-mail telling me how to find such gems? I'm hopelessly backward in such matters. Everyone I know seems to watch stuff from the States six centuries before I even know they exist.