Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sometimes it Snows in April [2008 remix]

And we're back. Returned from three and a half glorious, sun-soaked weeks in New Zealand to find the UK engulfed in April snow showers. There's a curious symmetry at work there, since it was snowing the week of departure and a hailstorm accompanied me out to the taxi. Nice. Expect endless holiday snaps and rambling memories of my trip once I reconnected my brain stem. Thus far jet lag has been restricted to irregular sleep patterns and ravenous hunger at two in the morning. Now, time to unpack...


Rach said...

Yep, we had blizzards the whole time you were gone so feel suitably guilty.

Lucy said...

Ha ha ha

You live in the north.

I escaped! Escaped! Oh the glorious SW. Never never never going back, no sirreee. Except for visits. Tho not to see the evil relatives, argh. Edinburgh & York's nice. Sheffield I can let go. But Hull?? No way.

Welcome back Davey. I read all your scottish screen scripts while you were gone I think, so thanks for going on hols ; )