Friday, April 11, 2008

BBC Drama Writers' Academy re-opens doors

The BBC has now opened applications for the 2008 intake to its Drama Writers' Academy. There are up to eight places available at the academy each year, giving the chosen few a fast-track into writing for flagship continuing drama series such as Holby City, EastEnders, Casualty and Doctors. Get your application in by May 12 if you want to be considered for this rare opportunity.

However, the selection criteria have been tightened. Last year you needed to supply written proof that you'd a television, radio drama or film (not student film) produced, or a theatre piece performed professionally - or be a graduate from a Skillset Approved Writing Course. This year the Skillset qualification isn't enough - you must have at least one of the professional writing credits named above.

I'm fortunate enough to have a BBC Radio drama credit to my name so I'm eligible, but some of my former classmates from the MA screenwriting course at Screen Academy Scotland are not so lucky. I've now got two questions to ponder: should I apply, and what script should I submit if I do? Decisions, decisions...


pillock said...

You should definitely apply.

What about a new draft of the Italian-Scotting wartime drama?

pillock said...

-ish, I mean.