Saturday, December 01, 2007

New Zealand film trailers

Stumbled upon a site devoted to providing links for online trailers of New Zealand films. Not all the links work, but those that do offer a fascinating snapshot of different stages in the development of Kiwi cinema, from primitive early efforts through to the current era when the likes of Peter Jackson can take home 11 Oscars. If you want to see what New Zealand arthouse looks like, try the trailers for two Vincent Ward features, Vigil and The Navigator.


Charles said...

You might like to know that I have fixed three of the six problem links,
but that the other three, Crush, Navigator and Vigil might need another source for their trailers. The current links are from Madman Distribution in Australia and I have had periodic drop-out from them before. I think it may be a server issue. I will try to get the other three corrected soon.
It would be helpful if those who spot problems, would drop me an
email note - I am a single act and
this is a free site without ads.
Charles - webmaster and owner of NZVideos.

Charles said...

I believe that all trailer problems
are fixed, including Vigil and Navigator. Please let me know if any more problems are experienced.