Monday, December 17, 2007

It's official: A Massacre in Marienburg

Publishing imprint Black Library has spilled the beans, so I can now confirm that my 19th novel will be A Massacre In Marienburg, due out December 2008. It's my second Warhammer tome, following on from A Murder In Marienburg published earlier this year. I can't give away too many plot details, but it's safe to say the survivors from the first book return in a story that puts the war back in Warhammer. The book's title might give you a hint about what happens next.

I finished the first draft on Friday, and I'm pleased with the results. But writing the climax of a novel while performing five nights in pantomime? Not so clever. I was absolutely drained by the end of the week. Happily, typing THE END on Friday gave renwed vigour and the last two nights of the show were a blast. Lots of positive comments about the show, and a crackerjack script by Nicholas Pegg. The fact we put the show together in six weeks makes the achievement all the more remarkable, a tribute to the hard work of the cast and crew - especially wardrobe mistress Denise.

Spent yesterday decompressing from the stresses of recent weeks while watching the third and [sob] final season of Veronica Mars on DVD. It's always a strange sensation when a show ends. You've devoted so much time and energy to the production, it's absence leaves a whole in your life for a while. But plans are already afoot for the next show, most probably a musical hitting the stage next May.

This week I've got various bits and bobs of work to achieve, along with Christmas preparations to tackle. But by Wednesday I'll be letting the tightly wound spring in my psyche wind down a little. I've been going peddle to the metal since this time last year, with just one week off in June to recuperate. Looking forward to a meaningful rest, and giving the creative well refill with ideas over the break.


AndyDecker said...

The 3rd season of Veronica Mars - which is currently airing in Germany - is a good example why some concepts just don´t have the legs for the american 7 season or more treatment. (Which also seems on the way out, but that is another topic).

The overall arc was weak, and while I liked the approach of "let´s make Veronica more of a bitch" which I thought was in character - she always was a tremendously unhappy person, which of course was the charm of the show -, after a while it got boring. The episodes I saw so far were seriously lacking in the fun department.

And the revamped theme was awful.

Anonymous said...

I still like "Monkeys in Marienburg" better.