Friday, December 21, 2007

The Art and Business of Adaptation

Mead Kerr has announced a new screenwriting seminar for March 2008, this time tackling the topic of adaptation. Sadly for me, the dates clash with a trip back to New Zealand I've had booked for nearly a year. [This always happens - I missed the last of Adrian's Edinburgh seminars because I was also away on holiday. Sigh.] Anyway, my loss is your gain as that leaves a seat empty, so here are all the details.


This weekend will provide you with all the tools you need to find and adapt work for the screen. Guest speakers ranging from screenwriters, novelists, producers and publishers will share their experience of finding, optioning, writing and selling work. Just a few of the areas we will cover are...

1. The Author
When is your book, article or blog suitable for adaptation?
How can you publicise your work to the film and TV industry?
Selling the film and TV rights to your work.
Adapting your own work for the screen.

2. The Producer
When is a book, article or blog suitable for adaptation?
Finding material for adaptation and establishing relationships with authors,
journalists, agents and publicists.
Negotiating the film and TV rights.
Hiring the screenwriter.

3. The Screenwriter
Creating a pitch for the job and your take on the work.
The adaptation process - finding the screenplay within the material.
Working with the producer and originator of the work.
And much, much more!

This is a brand new course and as always we will be providing the most up to
date, career building advice, a relaxed and friendly networking opportunity
and excellent speakers and panel members.

If you have not already attended one of our courses do some research by
googling the tutor Adrian Mead and also check out the testimonials on our
site -

Think about this statement from Screen International: "...adaptations make up around 80% of the projects currently being made." Faced with these kinds of statistics it is obvious that if you want a career as a screenwriter you need to do this course.

DATE: Sat 15 - Sun 16th March
VENUE: EDINBURGH city centre (TBC)
COST: £120 incl VAT and Lunch

BOOKING DETAILS: To request a booking form or further information send us an e-mail - - testimonials can be seen at the Mead Kerr web site -

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