Saturday, November 10, 2007

Anyone know where to hire NZ national dress?

It's graduation day on Thursday for the MA screenwriting students from Screen Academy Scotland [amongst many others]. Men are supposed to wear dark suits, a dark tie and white shirt beneath their academic gown and hood. Not sure I've got anything that's (a) suitable and (b) fits. Got a wonderful black frock coat, but it dates back to the days before I lost three stone in weight - so it's a little roomy through the middle.

However, there is an option. Those graduating are allowed to wear their national dress. For males Scots that's probably a kilt and associated accessories. But the hell is the national dress of New Zealand? Twenty years ago I would have said jeans, a rugby jersey and jandals [that's flip-flops to many of you]. If I could claim more Maori in my blood, I could get some tattooes and bare my chest. But in Edinburgh during November?

Guess I'll have to dig around in the wardrobe and see what I can find that fits. If I'm not back by Thursday, I've wandered into Narnia by mistake and am probably gorging myself on Turkish Delight. The recent film version of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe starred Screen Academy Scotland honouree graduate Tilda Swinton and was filmed in New Zealand, so it all ties together. Honest.

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potdoll said...

you lost three stones in weight? when? how? who? what?