Friday, October 12, 2007

Which comes first? Your life, or your career?

There's a fascinating roundtable discussion on the Salon website where ten female filmmakers working in Hollywood talk about the state of the art, and the place of women within it. A lot of the talk revolves around life choices, such as deciding which comes first - your career or your relationships? What's more important, your films or your family? That's something everybody wanting to have a career has to decide, but it's particularly apposite if you're aiming to be a filmmaker or screenwriter, or any kind of freelance creative. Where do you draw the line between home and work?


Lucy said...

Simple equation for me:

kids first.

Cram anything else you can around them.

John Freeman said...

Crumbs, that's a hard one. It's always an uneasy balance, especially if your partner isn't involved in a creative industry. But generally when push comes to shove I've gone relationships first, job second as I've gotten older...