Thursday, October 04, 2007

Screenwriting Lab - deadline to apply Oct. 8th

The Scottish Book Trust is running a screenwriting lab in Edinburgh from November 19-21 inclusive, led by award-winning writer and director Adrian Mead. He's a great teacher and this is a golden opportunity for anybody interested in learning more about what it takes to make it in screenwriting. Places are strictly limited, so if you want in you must submit your application by October 8th - that's next Monday! Bearing in mind the postal strikes looming over the next few days, I'd suggest applying via email. Anyway, here's the full blurb for the lab from the Scottish Book Trust website.

You are currently writing short stories, novels, poetry or plays but have you ever wondered what it takes to write for Film and TV? After the success of the Scottish Book Trust MENOTRING SCHEME and RADIO LAB, we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest course. SCREENWRITING LAB will show you exactly what it takes to break into one of the most competitive and lucrative areas of writing.

CONTENT: The Screenwriting Lab begins the moment you are selected as one of the 20 participants. You will be e-mailed a wealth of information and a recommended reading list. This is a vital part of the preparation for the three days of classes.

Just a few of the areas we will cover during the class are -
1. Developing ideas.
2. Show don't tell.- Examples of visual narrative.
3. What a director looks for in a script.
4. What you shouldn't put in your script!
5. Pitch docs, treatments, step outlines and first draft scripts.

A study of the industry and breaking in as a new writer -
1. Competitions, networking, blogging and other career building strategies .
2. Planning the financial transition from part time writer to becoming a professional.
3. Independent Production companies and broadcasters.
4. Agents.
5. Conducting yourself in meetings and pitching your work.
6. Payment.

HOW DO I APPLY FOR A PLACE ON THE SCREENWRITING LAB? In order to apply for SCREENWRITING LAB we are asking that you submit a 1-3 minute long sample script, inspired by the theme CHOICES. A panel of three will then read the scripts and select successful applicants. The selection panel consists of: screen writer and director Adrian Mead (see info below); Sophie Moxon, Head of Programming at Scottish Book Trust; and Jan Rutherford, freelance publicist and Project Manager for Writer Development at Scottish Book Trust.

SCREENWRITING TIPS: Cinema and TV demand the writer use VISUAL NARRATIVE to tell a story. As a result the maxim "show don't tell" is constantly hammered into screenwriting students. Try to keep this in mind when writing your script. Avoid long speeches where people tell us stuff (exposition). You will further develop your submission script during Screen Lab.

Screenwriting Lab will be led by award winning writer and director Adrian Mead Over a packed three days Adrian will take you through the realities of the script development process and the strategy you need to adopt in order to break into the industry. Adrian's classes attract students from the length and breadth of the UK. You can read more about Adrian and view testimonials from previous course attendees at

TIME: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm (with coffee from 9.30am)
DATE: 19, 20 and 21st of November 2007
VENUE: Sandeman House, Trunk's Close, High Street, Edinburgh
CONTACT: Caitrin Armstrong, Programme Co-ordinator, Scottish Book Trust [0131 524 0166]. Email her here:

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Anonymous said...

I see a lot of blog buzz about ''award-winning'' writer/ director Adrian Mead chsrging people for disseminating his knowledge.

I checked out IMDB. Nomination for a Scottish Bafta? With Jack Dickson. Co-writinmg can mean a whole lot of nothing.

Does anyone have any info on awards he's won? Or anything he's written other than the sparse entries on IMDB to give him guru status?