Monday, October 22, 2007

Half a day, twice as much frazzle

Got one of those madcap days [hilarious consequences optional] where I'm trying to do half a dozen different things in half the usual time. Got to leave the house at lunchtime for an afternoon appointment in Edinburgh, so need to get everything finished for today by midday. Not sure I've got enough hours left in the day and it's not even seven in the morning yet.

Need to finish off some work for next month's issue of Death Ray, post a fistful of scripts to an agent in That Fancy London who's agreed to read some of my work, buy some lightbulbs, eat breakfast, eat lunch, have a bath and maybe a shave, and all manner of other urgencies to achieve. So not much time for blogging today.

Just worth noting what's been on the DVD player of late. Finished watching season 1 of Heroes, thanks to imported Regin 1 DVDs. That final episode sits there and coughs blood for a while, doesn't it? And if anybody was going to die between last seaon and recently started new season in America, it should have been SPOILER and not SPOILER, judging by episode 1.23.

Having finished Heroes, opted for season 1 of Dexter on Region 1 DVD. Talk about your dark, mordant sense of humour. Makes me worry how much of this serial killer comedy of manners I find funny. Ripping through that at record pace, though a succession of nights out this week preclude much more imminent progress. After that it's a choice between the final season of Deadwood and The Wire season 3. Ahh, these are the salad days [slowly being eaten away.] Always remember your soul, folks.

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