Saturday, September 08, 2007

Yesterday I learned how to Read

Not books, but scripts and screenplays. I went to a briefing day for Readers at Scottish Screen in Glasgow. Most people there had been reading for a while, I was the only newbie in the room, so I felt like an imposter. Still, that didn't seem to matter too much for the purposes of yesterday. Scottish Screen's development execs went through the background to what they do and how Readers fit into that process. There was a fascinating guest speaker, Stephen Cleary from Arista, who talked through his script reading and analysis process. Finally, we talked through the current set of criteria used by readers to report on scripts and screenplays for Scottish Screen. All in all, a fascinating day out and I learned a lot. Aces.


Lucy V said...

They're a top lot those Scottish Screen peeps. And the report they use to consider people's work is VERY detailed -- which should give submitters some comfort, since getting that kind of scrutiny when your work is being considered for funding, courses, etc is rare in my experience.

potdoll said...

Stephen Cleary, eh! that man knows his shit.