Monday, September 17, 2007

Still laying in the afterglow

Spent yesterday enjoying the sensation of having won something for my writing. Let's face, as a writer you will face rejection and disappointment far more often than you'll be accepted, let alone be declared a winner. So I might as well enjoy the feeling while it lasts. Thank you to all the people who've sent me congratulations via email, facebook or comments on this blog - it's much appreciated.

Lots of people have asked what now for my prize-winning script, DANNY'S TOYS? In my head it's an animated short, so I'll be pitching my story to a few animation houses, see if there's any interest. Frankly, the script's elements make animation the only realistic medium: a clockwork bumblebee that flies, children aged eight at the start and seventeen when it ends, Holocaust allusions...

My hopes aren't high DANNY'S TOYS will ever appear on a screen either small or silver, but there could be another life for it, as a graphic novel. The visual-led storytelling style and gothic fairytale content would lend themselves well to a graphic novel. Plus, I have some slight experience of working in comics [twelve years in editoral split between 2000 AD and the Megazine], so that's a possibility.

My main goal is to use my 2007 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards win in Los Angeles as a way of getting attention from agents. More than anything else now I need representation. You never know, somebody might want to read DANNY'S TOYS or even option it. I've registered the script but negotiating option deals is beyond my ken. Having an agent would prevent naive errors of judgement.

In the meantime, I've got a friend's funeral to attend this afternoon and my standalone script for the TAPS continuing drama workshop is due on Thursday. It's going to be a busy and emotional week, no matter which you slice it. Onwards.


fi TAPS said...

Wow that's fantastic David! Well done!

Maggie said...

Congratulations to you! Enjoy the feeling and save some up for later!