Friday, September 21, 2007

The heat is on [thank grud]

Back in January the heat went off. The problem proved to be nothing to do with the boiler, but the tiny control unit beneath it that regulates when the heating goes on and off. Got that fixed, everything was hunky dory. Earlier this week we had the first genuinely cold morning of the autumn. Frost on the car, breath misting the air, the works. So the new control unit on the boiler packed up. Arsebiscuits. So the last three days have been akin to living in an ice box.

Don't ask me how, but when the house gets cold it actually feels chillier indoors than it does outside. No doubt it's a psychosomatic effect born of knowing the heating's on the fritz, but that doesn't stop you feeling cold. Anyways, I'm happy to report the control unit's been replaced - again - and the house is warming up nicely. Just as well, as I've got no shortage of deadlines to meet in the coming week.

Next weekend I'm travelling to Norway for the Raptus Comics Festival. Vicious Imagery readers with long memories may recall I flew over to rain-drenched Bergen in March as guest speaker for a comics making workshop. Now the results of that workshop are being published in a graphic novel that gets launched at the festival. Should be a riotous weekend of crazed comics carousing, or somesuch. So I need to get my deadlines met before I go.

The first week of October's likely to vanish under the stress of performances for the play I'm acting in. I'll get some work done, but nothing much worth talking about. Also need to start doing some serious prep work for the Christmas pantomime, as auditons and rehearsals for that start immediately after Jake's Women clears the stage. From there it's a helter skelter run into Christmas. Where did the year go? I'm sure 2007 was round here somewhere.

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