Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And now, the end is near...

Have now submitted my final piece of work for the MA screenwriting course, a self reflexive report upon the development process of my major project. Gave it a polish this morning, submitted the pdf electronically and drove two hard copies into Edinburgh. All that remains of the course is a final afternoon session on September 14th, getting my mark back for my major project and - hopefully - the graduation ceremony in November. Well, all that and the fact I'm still paying for the course. The last chunk of tuition fee should leave my bank account around October 12th, after which I'll have a little more spending money to my name.

Picked up the latest issue of Death Ray. It features a Deep Thought piece written by me appreciating the works of author John Wyndham, an overview of crazed HBO series John From Cincinatti and reviews of the first three episodes of SciFi channel series Eureka. Also got fresh supplies of printer paper and a metal cage to help me keep control of the many pens roaming my desk.

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AndrewT said...

Well done you. Fingers crossed for that good mark.