Friday, August 10, 2007

Time, time, time to see what's become of me

Can't remember if I've already mentioned this, but I recently signed contracts to write my 19th novel. It's for Games Workshop's Black Library imprint, but the usual non-disclosure agreements preclude me from saying any more about the project. At the moment it's my main job for September and October, with various other bits and bobs fitted in around the book. Been a while since I've written a novel. There was a spell between November 2003 and January last year where I averaged one new novel every months, producing nine books in 27 months. By the end I was frazzled and more than a little burnt out, but not unhappy with most of my efforts.

My output of books has dropped significantly since then, as I've been concentrating my efforts on broadcast drama and my screenwriting MA course. I did update The Complete Inspector Morse for its revised hardcover edition in 2006, and turned my articles on the history of British comic 2000 AD into the massive tome that is THRILL-POWER OVERLOAD. I also wrote my first Warhammer novel for Games Workshop and created the novel Fiends of the Rising Sun, a spin-off from my Fiends of the Eastern Front trilogy. So it's not like I've had no new books published, but my print output has slowed down.

I've got plenty to do between now and starting my new novel in September. There's the final project for my MA course, that's beginning to bubble along nicely. Got a Phantom script to write next week, along with parts two and three of an interview feature for the Megazine. Hopefully some other journalism for various clients that help keep the wolf from the door. Need to find some time and creative brain space to develop a radio drama idea I've been nurturing for forever. The premise is all these, but a couple of sample scenes to demonstrate the main characters and some elucidation of how I'll tell the story is my next requirement.

Plus I'll be doing a lot of waiting, trying to keep myself busy to stop from thinking about outcomes, responses and feedback I'm expecting. I applied for the Nations variant of TAPS' continuing drama workshop, but haven't had a yes or no about that yet. I applied for a job that I'd dearly love to get, but haven't heard if I've made the interview shortlist yet. [It's a classic Catch-22: to get the job you need to have professional experience doing the job, but you can't get professional experience without someone giving you a chance to do the job - the sort of scenario that always irks newbies like me.] Meanwhile my script Danny's Toys is still in the running for the PAGE International Screenwriting Contest's short film category.

At least with the last of these, I know exactly when to expect some news, as the finalist are announced on August 30th. I believe the TAPS workshop starts the next day in Cardiff, so I should hear about that sooner rather than later. As for the job application, Grud knows when I'll hear back about that. Could be today, could be September or much later. That's so far out of my hands I might as well forget it even exists until I get an email one day that'll either be a pleasant surprise or a dull thud of disappointment. Fingers crossed it's the former, not the latter.

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Stuart Perry said...

Good luck with the job application - hope you hear soon. Haven't heard a peep about TAPS (Regions) either.