Thursday, August 23, 2007

She memed me

Seems I've been tagged on a movie music meme created by Lucy at Write Here, Write Now. You have to imagine you're in a particular kind of movie and decide an appropriate sound for the inevitable soundtrack. Five genres, five songs and then tag five other bloggers. Here's my efforts, all tracks you can preview on iTunes:

1.If I was in an 80s Brat Pack Movie:
Stay Up Forever by Chungking

2.If I was in a Rom Com:
I Can't Help Loving That Man by Bjork

3.If I was in a Blaxploitation Movie:
The Sad Chicken by Leroy and The Drivers
[I'd be the token white guy, dying in the second reel]

4.If I was in a Christmas Movie:
River Duet by Madeleine Payroux and k.d. lang

5.If I was in a Sundance Indie Movie:
Love Me Like You by the Magic Numbers

So I tag:
Laura at Miss Read
Barry at Perpetual Muddle
Lara at Tenacious Me
Jason at Bloggery Pokery
Maggie at Bootstrap Productions

Non-bloggers or peeps feeling left out, feel free to offer your own selections in the comments section...


Lucy said...

I don't know ANY of those except the Magic Numbers my friend! Is this because you are 467 years older than me? Shame. Still, I'll let you off, it's the effort that counts. ; )

David Bishop said...

Pah, whippersnappers - keep up!

Chungking's song was only released as a single last month, but it's got the perfect early 80s powerpop going on.

The Peyroux and lang duet was a B-side back in January this year.

The Bjork cover version is a bit more obscure, while Leroy is a classic 70s groover.