Friday, August 10, 2007

BBC4 exploring the history of British comics

The MediaGuardian website reports that BBC4 has commissioned a season of programmes about comics. Three-part documentary Comics Britannia will cover titles and publications from the past seventy years, including 2000 AD. Narrated by The Thick of It creator Armando Iannucci, the series will feature those who wrote and illustrated the strips, comic experts and a range of celebrity fans who will relive their favourite moments and characters, according to the website. The documentaries are being made in-house by BBC Bristol. Good to know this project is happening, after lots of back and forth with a researcher a few months back followed by much radio silence. Fingers crossed the shows avoid the usual KAPOW! THUNK! cliches.


Jay said...

We were talking with Paul Gravett last weekend, and they must be done, because he's already seen them. Possibly one of the perks of being a consultant on it, I suppose. He said they'd done a good job.

garageman said...

Well, if they're going out in September, they'd need to be just about done anyway. It would take months to make a programme like this.