Friday, August 03, 2007

Argh. Grappling. With. Scenes.

Decided to start working the storyline document for my screenwriting MA final project into a scene-by-scene breakdown yesterday. Thought I could whip it into shape before lunch, have a little snack and then dive into writing my 30th issue of The Phantom. Best laid plans and all that stomm. Come six in the afternoon [or is that already the evening?], I was still grappling with act two of my four act structure. so many choices, so many possibilities, so few decisions made. Argh. Argh. Argh. [Makes me sound like a pirate with a limited vocabulary, which probably isn't that far from the truth. Except I don't know what a mainbrace is, nor how to splice it.]

What was I talking about? Oh yes, my final project. Also seem to having some focus problems, keeping my mind on the job in hand. This could be a byproduct of cramming a lot of work into the previous days. I can go up to ramming speed when necessary and sustain it for several days, but sooner or later the wheels come off. Find myself recycling waste paper instead of doing whatever should be done next. Great for the environment, not so helpful for meeting deadlines or paying the bills. See what I mean? This whole paragraph is another damned digression. My mind, it does wander.

In four weeks I'm due to deliver my final project and I'd like to get two drafts done between now and then. That means I need to nail down my scene-by-scene first, and discover the gaps. I tossed a whole character out of my pilot script yesterday, after belatedly realising he turned up once, did nothing and then vanished. Sorry, son, if you're not pulling your weight you don't get on the page. Come back in episode two when you can make yourself useful. However, I'm throwing a new character into the mix to bolster one storyline, so that's got to be incorporated.

Away to St Andrews Saturday and Sunday, followed by a trip to That Fancy London on Monday and Tuesday, so the next four days are a wipeout workwise. [Don't expect a lot of hot blog action, either.] Still got my Phantom script to write, but am definitely in need to focus upon my final project from the end of next week.

I live in hope all this planning and preparation [or 'pre-writing' as some people will insist on calling it - bleurrgghhhh] will pay off come the moment I open Final Draft and start typing. My scenes will be laid out for me, my characters will emerge at least partially formed on to the page and it'll flow like something that flows surprisingly quickly but never gets out of control. Thin custard, or single cream. Rich, tasty and good on Christmas pudding.

Hmm, Christmas pudding. Who doesn't fancy a slice of that right now?


Jason Arnopp said...

"I can go up to ramming speed when necessary and sustain it for several days..."

If only to cut Lucy off at the pass, can I be the first to say the painfully obvious fnarr?

Monday and Tuesday, sir? That Fancy London? I'll be in Norwich. Kindly time your Fancy London visits to my schedule in future. ;)

David Bishop said...

I'm trying to avoid the Blinovitch Limitation Effect!

Lucy said...

Oh you dirty boys!!! I love it.

P>S I hate Xmas pudding and the only reason I doidn't get in on the double entendre first was 'cos it was my lad's borthday so we were out on safari at longleat