Sunday, July 08, 2007

Well, the sunshine didn't last long...

...but long enough to climb a nearby hill called Tinto [pictured above]. Sure I'll feel the effects in the morning, but it was good to stretch the legs and clamber over a few rocks. Apparently Tinto Hill is 711 metres high [about 2320 feet] and one guide site I found suggested you allow two hours to go up and slightly less coming down. This seems overgenerous as it only took an hour each way. Came back, had an ice cream and managed the cut the back lawn before the [inevitable] rain came.

At her wonderful blog Write Here, Write Now, Lucy is running an informal story competition. She invited writers to pitch a story as a 150-word synopsis or as a single paragraph logline. Now you can read all the submissions and vote for your favourites, one from each category. I sent in Trial and Error, an idea I had last November and something I'd completely forgotten about until Lucy's contest. To my surprise, it seems to be attacting a few votes, despite needless vagueness about the genders of the characters. Go, read and vote!

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Anonymous said...

well thank goodness i have found your blog. i have been browsing blogs this afternoon and was convinced that there was no signs of intelligent life in cyberspace. i am glad i am wrong. thank you for having a wonderful blog! i shall be back to visit.