Monday, July 16, 2007

Three wonderful but very different artists

Trying to get some work done today, so no time for a lengthy blog entry. Instead here's three pieces of art by three talent but different illustrators [all images copyright the respective creators]. Found a book of images by Ragnar while down in That Fancy London and couldn't resist buying it. Here's a sample of his work:

Next is French illustrator Claire Wendling. Saw a book of Wendling art on the Gosh! stand while at the Bristol Comics Festival. Went back the next day to buy it and they'd sold out. Happily, I was due to visit That Fancy London a few days later and the wonderful people at Gosh! kept a copy aside for me.

Last but certainly not least is Ashley Wood, an Australian [don't hold that against him] artist now resident in the US, I think. He did some comics works for me while I was editor of the Judge Dredd Megazine, but his style and commerical savvy made it obvious Ash wouldn't be in the Meg for long.

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