Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Running to stand still

Deadlines are piling up like Sunday newspaper sections, and I'm utterly knackered. Did a twenty-hour round trip to that Fancy London yesterday as guest speaker for a comic making workshop at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. Rejoiced in the fact the V&A off-shoot stands opposite wine merchants Balls Brothers, who had their name immortalised in a 2000 AD strip by John Wagner and Kevin Walker. The teenagers at the workshop were good fun and it seemed to go well. I'm back for the same event with a fresh crop in a fortnight, when I'm hoping my deadline will have eased a tad.

Got a think piece to do today, but don't know how long it's meant to be until I can talk to the editor later this morning. Tomorrow I'm reviewing three episodes of a TV series. Thursday I'm into Edinburgh to meet a film producer who's helping to mentor final projects for the MA Screenwriting course at Screen Academy Scotland. Back home and I've four hours of interview tape to transcribe for the first part of a three-article feature series - that's due July 31st. And I've got an episode of The Phantom to write for Egmont Sweden. And my final project needs writing.

Lots and lots and lots to do, so best I make a start. Sympathies to all those suffering flood damage or the stress of imminent flooding. I recommend you don't read The Kraken Wakes by John Wyndham anytime soon, as the final fifty pages won't cheer you up.

Random link: my perplexity at Friday Night Lights getting dissed by the Emmys gets quoted by the AOL TV website. How bizarre. Still, at least they emailed to tell me. AOL TV, that is, not the Emmys. YOu can only take democracy so far, right?

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