Thursday, July 05, 2007

The problem with blood and bone and brains

Canadian screenwriter Denis McGrath has a brilliant blog called Dead Things ON Sticks. Often there's lots of talk about the Canadian TV industry that can fly over your head if you don't live in or come from Canada, but it's witty, droll and always worth a look. This week the blog features a wonderful essay on the giving and receiving of script notes. If you're a writer or work with writers, I highly recommend giving the essay a read. Below is an extract that made me laugh.
In Canada, we do a lot of international co-productions. And inevitably, different sets of notes come from different countries and the notes all contradict each other. I'm not sure if you can always make those notes agree...but if you've got different people in the same organization reviewing the material, you should take the step to harmonize those notes and present a unified front.

Otherwise, writers heads tend to explode. And it's the middle of the summer. No one likes to be covered in viscera.

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