Thursday, July 19, 2007

Emmy noms: Friday Night Lights, Wire robbed!

The Emmy nominations have just been announced in America, TV's equivalent to the Oscars. The five drama series nominated were Boston Legal [more a comedy than a drama, in my humble opinion], The Sopranos [much deserved and utterly expected], House [haven't seen season three but not its best year according to many], newcomer Heroes [well worth a nod] and Grey's Anatomy. Again, I haven't seen the third season of Grey's Anatomy but I've yet to read many positive comments about it.

What's conspicuous by its absence? The wonderful Friday Night Lights, a show so good it was celebrated with a coveted Peabody Award. Sure, it's got a lot of teenage characters. Yes, it's a show ostensibly about American football. But it was one of the best drama series I've seen in the last year, and deserved an Emmy nod. Also hard done by were Dexter, Deadwood and perpetual Emmy bridesmaid The Wire. Frankly, whoever decided the nominations needs their heads checked.

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