Saturday, July 28, 2007

DeathRay gives Thrill-Power Overload 4 stars

The new issue of DeathRay magazine reviews THRILL-POWER OVERLOAD, my official history of 2000 AD, the galaxy's greatest comic. I won't reprint everything Garth Haley has to say about TPO, but it's overwhelmingly positive, giving the tome four stars out of five. Here's the first two paragraphs of his review:
When a new British science fiction comic launched in 1977, the year 2000 seemed impossible distant - especially for a title that was expected to last five years at most. Three decades, dozens of classic characters and countless pages of groundbreaking stories later and against all odds 2000 AD marches on. Ex-editor David Bishop set himself a daunting task indeed when he set out to chronicle the 'definitive history' of the comic.

It's quickly apparent that this beautifully packaged and thoroughly researched book is a labour of love. Bishop must have called in a few favours to assemble the impressive roster of contributors who recall their roles with colour and affection. But that's not to say this is a santised version of events, all sweetness and light and fond remembrances - 30 years of editorial spats and creative fall-outs are laid bare with brutal honesty. Original editor Pat Mills sets the tone when he admits he wrote many of the early strips himself rather let, "Hicks piss out a lazy story" while Dredd-scribe Alan Grant has no qualms in describing one fellow comic superstar's version of Robo-Hunter as a "Pile of crap".

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Borza2000ad said...

I just bought Thrill Power Overload here in the USA. It was $72 But it was well worth it.

The production values are excellent on the book and I nearly broke my back (as well as my wallet) carrying it home in my bag.

A must buy for any 2000ad fan, old or new.