Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bits and pieces, odds and sods

Trying to expand a four page plot into a 15 page treatment at the moment and finding it tricky where all the sub-plots should be positioned, so don't expect any great sweeping theme or throughline on this post - my mind's elsewhere. I've got the main plot thrashed out, enough subsidiary characters to start a small war [which will come in handy as the story escalates into a small war] and a swirl of sub-plots all fighting for position. Busy place, my brain. For today's posting let's try a few bit of news and some random notions, see where that leads.

I've opened a store in America and a shop in the UK, both called written by David Bishop. No, you can't walk in and browse from among the many books and audio dramas I've had published. Not literally. These are Amazon associate outlets, digital stores and shops hosted by and You can visit my UK shop to buy the likes of my 2000 AD tome Thrill-Power Overload or my ever-popular Inspector Morse guide book. Or you can pop into my US store where the Fiends of the Eastern Front trilogy has proven a hit, along with my Warhammer novel A Murder in Marienburg.

What else? This is my 951st posting on Vicious Imagery. If I keep writing here once a day as usual, I should hit my 1000th posting in the middle of August. Grud knows how many hundreds of thousands of words I've written here - particularly when I should have been working on paying projects. Hopefully some of it has been of some use to somebody at some point. According to Sitemeter this blog is about two weeks away from having its 100,000th page view, while a similar number of minutes have been spent viewing pages on this blog. That nearly fifty-five days, twenty-four hours a day.

What else? Applications are now open for the TAPS continuing drama courses. If you live in England, you can apply for the Regions intake staged in Leeds [deadlines close August 2nd]. Would-be TV writers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can apply for the nations course [deadline is a week earlier, July 26], which is held in Cardiff. You can find out more details by emailing

Not much else to report. Should be off to interview a writer for a feature this afternoon, after it got delayed from last week. Got several important phone calls to make in the next day or two, but can't talk about them yet. The TV finally got fixed yesterday after being out of action for most of a fortnight. Life progresses. Hard to believe it's only been two weeks since I was holidaying on the sun-drenched island of Gozo. Feels like it's been raining ever since. Popular beat combo Travis once had a hit with the song Why Does It Always Rain On Me? The answer, of course, is simple - it's because you live in Scotland.

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