Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tag! They're it. Lots of them.

Thanks to the wonderful folk at Talking Pish [helo Tom and Fraser!], I'm now addicted to the marvellous website Pictures of Walls. Here's a classic example of the grafitti featured over five albums on the site.Also well worth a look is Judge a Book by its Cover, as evidenced by this gem [thanks to Bex for the link]: Last but not least, you should be visiting PostSecret, where people send in postcards featuring secrets they can't tell anyone they know.


Laura Anderson said...

I bought my boyfriend one of the Postsecret Books for his birthday. I like the site, I've seen some really great postcards on there, but it's like they saved the absolutely worst and most suicidal ones for the book!

He was a bit confused as to why I'd given him it, at first. It's interesting, but not a happy read!

Pillock said...

You could browse PostSecret looking for story ideas.