Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pimp my prog: I'm flogging comics on eBay

Now that my magnum opus about the history of 2000 AD is going to the printers, I'm trying to reclaim the half of my work space currently occupied by old comics. You guessed it, I'm selling off my collection in lots on eBay. Today I've put up for sale my precious copy of Prog 1 [with original space spinner, though the sellotape has long since perished] in a job lot with 176 other early issues of 2000 AD. Also available for your bidding pleasure is a copy of Battle Picture Weekly #1; the first 43 issues of Battle as a single lot; all 52 issues of Battle published during 1976; and all 53 issues of Battle published in 1977.

Help me reclaim my workspace - and make my bank manager that little bit happier - by putting in a bid for any of these lots. Early issues of Battle tend to sell for a minimum of £2 each these days, so the starting price on my Battle lots is particularly competitive in the circumstances. [Grud knows I spent a lot more collecting them all when I was researching my articles about the history of Battle!] Click the link above to see the page where all my live auctions are displayed. Go now!


Dom Carver said...

Can you sell mine too, and my many copies of the Judge Dredd Megazine? They come with a free Doctor Who sticker :-)

Pete Kempshall said...

I'm looking to buy some Megazines if you're looking to sell. Perhaps the good Mr Bishop can pass on my email address?