Tuesday, May 08, 2007

50,000 visitors can't be wrong, can they?

Vicious Imagery sailed past 50,000 visitors last night. The lucky 50,000th reader was browsing from Stainburn need Leeds in England, using Safari 2.0 on a Mac. Hello, victorious visitor to Vicious Imagery! The blog's been getting a lot of traffic lately, something I presume is not unrelated to me posting daily excerpts from my programme guide to The Sopranos. The HBO drama series is running its final episodes across the Atlantic at present, generating no shortage of interest in the show. Alas, the presence of a character call Pussy in the show is attracting a different kind of interest.

I never failed to be bemused by the web searches that bring people to Vicious Imagery. Naked super heroes was a recent case in point. I've been enthusing about the TV series Heroes for six months, and the fact it will soon be coming to BBC2 is driving some traffic this way - but naked super heroes? More worrying was somebody's quest for Hermione Norris naked. Perhaps they think she should join the cast of Heroes as a hero who can see through people's lies, as well as their clothes? X-Ray Specs Woman? Hmm, maybe not.


Barry said...


I think that naked super heroes is a great idea. What do they need clothes for anyway of they're so powerful?


Jamie said...