Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Off to the Script Factory's TV Forum

I'm getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to travel south for the Script Factory two-day TV Forum. I've heard nothing but praise for the courses, workshops and events run by the Script Factory, so am looking forward to this a lot. No idea whether there'll be dozens of people in attendance or hundreds. Hopefully it's the former, not the latter, as that would be rather impersonal. Discovered this morning that several other people from the MA screenwriting course at Screen Academy Scotland are going, but suspect I'm the only 2nd-year part-timer en route to That Fancy London for the event.

Thursday and Friday morning are devoted to four practical lecture sessions taught by Rob Ritchie: the particular challenges of writing for TV; an examination of TV formats; returning drama series; and writing for sit-coms. The afternoons are devoted to guest sessions. Tomorrow we'll have one with commissioning editors for drama on Channel 4 and Five, accompanied by the Head of the BBC Writers' Room; followed by three soap writers giving us the benefit of their experiences on continuing drama series.

I suspect a lot of people were lured to the TV Forum by what comes on Friday afternoon. First up is Andy Harries, controller of drama and comedy for Granada. Then Jane Featherstone, Claire Parker and Simon Crawford Collins from Kudos are the final session. I'll be amazed if they make it out of the room in less than an hour after the session has finished, such will be the clamour of people looking to make contact and a positive impression.

So, any other bloggers going to the TV Forum?


potdoll said...

i wish. i'm insanely jealous.

Stuart Perry said...

David, hope you had / are having a useful and enjoyable time. I also wanted to go to this, but it clashed with a friend's wedding tomorrow. Will be very interested to hear how you got on.

Piers said...

When I heard about it I didn't have the cash free. So sadly I'm going to miss this one.

Fancy a pint tomorrow evening though? While you're in town an'all.