Monday, March 19, 2007

Old wine in new bottles - the musical

I heart unlikely cover versions of old favourites, and iTunes is a goldmine for such things. You can download strange forays into reinterpretation without having to buy a whle album by the artist in question. So, just for fun, here's ten gems I've discovered in recent weeks, some sublime and some utterly ridiculous, but all presented in no particular order. I'll let you be the judges of which if which...

King's Cross • Tracey Thorn: the indie queen of glum takes on the Pet Shop Boys and wins through. The song could have been written for her.

Lady Grinning Soul • Angela McCluskey & Tryptich: A David Bowie song from Aladdin Sane gets the torch song treatment. Lucia Micarelli also excells on her own version.

The Cross • The Blind Boys of Alabama: The gospel ensemble goes for a slow, bluesy style on this religious rocker from Prince.

Can't Get You Out of My Head • Patrick & Eugene: Kyle's infectious disco classic, performed in a style halfway between Madness and the Muppets.

Running Up That Hill • Dave Rummans
: Kate Bush's pulsing tale of dieties and deals goes all acoustic on this strum-tastic effort.

Ace of Spades • Hayseed Dixie
: Heaven knows what Lemmy makes of his Motorhead anthem becoming a bluegrass foot-tapper.

Bridge Over Troubled Water • Aretha Franklin: The queen of soul makes the Simon & Garfunkel favourite her own in this version.

Graceland • Erin Bode: Another Paul Simon composition, stripped of world music trappings and remade in slinky jazzbar stylee.

Motherless Child • Tom Jones & Portishead: This gospel favourite is transformed by the unlikeliest of combinations.

Nightclubbin' • Candie Payne: Originally by Iggy Pop, this one was appropriated by Grace Jones before Candie reclaimed it as a woozy dirge once more.

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