Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Novel Writing Secrets with David Bishop

Having helped the good people of Norway craft their comic strip storytelling, I'm off to Dumfries in a fortnight to talk about the dark art of novel writing [the relevant details appear below]. I'm told most of the places have already gone, but as of yesterday there were still one or two left. I'll also be writing a tip sheet condensing elements from my workshop, which will be made available online as a pdf for those who can make the live session.

Never thought I'd be doing any teaching. Hell, I became a journalist to avoid becoming a teacher. The propsect of doing homework for the rest of my life did not appeal, at all. Ironically, I now work from home all the time, but that's kind of a different thing. Besides, these workshops aren't teaching so much as sharing what I've learned and gleaned over the years with interested listeners. Hopefully I'll get the writers of Dumfries thinking a little and give them a fresh burst of enthusiasm for writing.

I don't claim to be any sort of guru, but after eighteen published novels I do have experience on my side, if nto expertise. I still think I've got vast amounts to learn and discover, that's why I'm taking an MA in screenwriting and being mentored by Adrian Mead, but I figure all creative people never stop learning. If you think you know it all, it's probably time to quit. Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman says nobody knows anything in Hollywood. I certainly believe nobody knows everything when it comes to writing. Anyways, here's the promo blurb...

Novel Writing Secrets with David Bishop
When: Thursday March 29th, 7-9 pm
Where: Ewart Library, Dumfries

Thinking of writing a novel but you don't know how to start? Perhaps you've started a novel but don't know if you've got the stamina to finish it? Then David Bishop's inspiring workshop is for you!

David Bishop is a professional scribe with a prodigious work rate who believes creative writing can be rewarding - both personally and financially. His practical workshop offers insight into the life of a working writer, and provides motivation for anyone who's ever toyed with becoming an author. He talks about the journey from inspiration and perspiration to publication, and tells you how to get real about your writing!

David Bishop has been a professional writer since summer 2000. Since then he's had a dozen novels published, more than twelve hours of audio drama released on CD and the BBC broadcast his first radio play last June. He had half a million words published last year across various media. In his copious spare time, he is completing a screenwriting MA at Screen Academy Scotland in Edinburgh and is being mentored in scripting TV drama for nine months by award-winning writer-director Adrian Mead. He also directs, acts and produces amateur theatre in the Lanarkshire village where he lives.

No experience necessary - all you need is pen, paper and imagination! Tickets £3. Book with Andrew Forster on 01387 253 383 or via email:

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