Monday, March 12, 2007

The Long Distance Screenwriter

Just back from three days in Norway helping local writer-artists hone their stories for an anthology graphic novel to be published in September. I'll post some thoughts on my visit to the World's Rainiest City tomorrow, but found no shortage of exciting things in my inbox when I got home. Among them was news of another Adrian Mead workshop in Edinburgh this summer. Regular readers will have seen my raves about previous seminars run by Adrian.

He's holding one in London this coming Saturday but that's long since sold out. Now there's another on the horizon, specifically aimed sat would-be screenwriters who don't live in London. Alas, the date clashes with my one holiday for the year, so I won't be able to attend. But that's no reason why I can't share the information with you, right? Right. So here it is...

As an aspiring screenwriter you will quickly learn that the vast majority of PAID work comes from companies and broadcasters based in London. People will tell you that in order to get that work you need contacts and "Insider" information. But what if you live hundreds of miles from the media capital? How can you build your career?

Marc Pye, Rob Fraser, Louise Ironside and Adrian Mead are successful Scottish based writers who have written for shows such as style="font-style:italic;">Eastenders, Waking The Dead, River City, The Street, Holby City, Where The Heart Is, Taggart, The Bill, Monarch Of The Glen and numerous other film, TV and radio projects.

Come and discover how they got started and how you too can build a career as a screenwriter. The details of the day are as follows:-

MORNING - Adrian Mead will teach the highly practical strategy that you need in order to work as a "long distance writer".

1. PLANNING THE TRANSITION TO BECOMING A PROFESSIONAL WRITER - Financial. Personal. Bursaries. Building a profile. Networking.

2. GETTING YOUR WORK READ: What to write - The most recent briefs from broadcasters, producers and financiers. What to send - Log Lines. One page Pitches. Treatments. Spec and sample scripts. Who to send it to - Current opportunities.

3. MEETINGS - Scheduling meetings. Cheap travel and accommodation deals. Pitching at meetings. When to ask for expenses.




AFTERNOON - The afternoon panel session will give you the opportunity to ask the writers about their experiences and gain career advice.

The panel will chat about their own approaches to the subjects covered in the morning and their experiences of working in the industry. Discover how they deal with script editors, tight deadlines and the challenges and joys of working as a freelancer. This is also a unique opportunity for you to learn how professional writers manage the balance between family and career whilst working in such a highly competitive industry.

During the coffee breaks and a light lunch you will get the chance to network with the other attendees. This is an great opportunity to make contacts and gain info.

Attendees at our previous classes will know already that this will be an extremely busy but fun day, packed with the most up to date and highly practical information.

if you want to build a career as a professional screenwriter it is essential that you understand the road ahead and have a strategy for reaching your goal. That's what this class will give you.


Sat 9th June, 2007 • St Columba's By The Castle Church Hall, Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh • 10.00 am - 4.30pm • Cost: £55 (inc VAT and light lunch)
CONTACT: or 0131 554 4539 for a booking form.

See testimonials from previous class participants.

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Laura Anderson said...

I have sent away a cheque for this, hopefully will manage to get a place - I've applied for one of Adrian's courses before without success!

It sounds worth doing.