Monday, February 05, 2007

Morse spin-off Lewis coming to UK DVD

You wait a year for Lewis to come out on DVD, and then four discs come along at once (or five, if you believe the listing on According to various online retailers, last year's pilot episode of Lewis and the Inspector Morse spin-off's new series will be released on Region 2 DVD on March 12. Series One starts on ITV 1 on February 18th, with two further cases for Inspector Robbie Lewis on following Sundays.

According to, there'll be four discs in the DVD set and it'll incude a documentary of unspecified length about the making of Lewis. According to amazon, there'll be five discs for four stories but there's no mention of a documentary. Both these listings can't be accurate, but I guess we'll discovered the truth in about five weeks. In the meantime, we've got three new episodes of Lewis and Hathaway to look forward to - can't wait!

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