Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ITV moving from reality TV to more drama

A report on The Stage website should cheer legions of would-be TV drama writers everywhere. ITV is opting to commission and broadcast more dramas this summer, instead of buying in a third series of reality show Celebrity Love Island. Is the tide turning towards more script drama and away from Z-list celebrity programming? Is the evidence of ITV drama controller Laurie Mackie's presence bearing fruit? You be the judge. You can click the link above for the whole article, but read some highlights below...
A spokeswoman told The Stage: “Traditionally in the summer we have not aired very many first run, original dramas, but this year that is the plan. The message is that actually, instead of being the part of the schedule which is traditionally lighter this year, the summer line-up looks more like a spring or even an autumn one.

“It is absolutely a conscious decision to opt for more drama, and also more entertainment, rather than come up with another reality-type show. Drama has always been a strength at ITV and we know that we are defined as a channel by our drama - that is what the audience likes.”

The broadcaster has lined-up a mix of dramas as it attempts to toe the line between pulling in new, younger audiences with edgier, faster-paced shows, in the style of Spooks, and maintaining its appeal with its traditional heartland of older viewers from the north of England.

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Cybez said...

That's good news for viewers.The way TV seemed to be going was scary, it was that bad it drove me to blogging.