Monday, January 22, 2007

Warm the heart of your cockles with yammer

Huzzah! The heating is fixed and the icicles hanging from my nose have started to thaw. Both of these qualify as a good thing. Romantic as the notion of writing in the eves... [is that how you spell eves? Hold on a second... Hmm, it's kind of hard to look up a word in the dictionary if you're not sure how to spell it... give me another second... oh, hang on, hasn't it got an A in it? One more second, honest... yes, there we go - eaves: the edge of a roof that projects beyond the wall] writing in the eaves of a semi-frozen house, trust me, it ain't. It's just cold. Of course, having now just looked up the definition of eaves, I'm not int he eaves. To be there, I'd have to be outside the house. And I do believe it's actually colder outside than inside, though you'd never have known that this morning. Trust me.

Where was I? Oh yes, it's warm again. Positively toasty. Like a nice, big cosy hug of warmth that is all warm adn cosy and toasty inside. In essence: not cold. Which is a a good thing. Grud, you can tell I've just watched seazns 6 and 7 of The West Wing back to back, can't you? I'm just yammering on here - is yammering even a real word? Hol don a second... Yes, it is! According to my Collins Concise Dictionary, a yammer is nonsense, jabber. As a verb it is to utter or whine in a complaining manner. Hmm, think I prefer to think of it as nonsense. Anywhere, way was I? Or even anyway, where was I? [Hey, did you know a wyvern is a heraldic beast having a serpent's tail and a dragon's head and a body with wings and two legs? You did? Oh well, good for you.]

Anyway, it's warm again. In other news Andy Murray's just lost to Nadal in the Australian Open. I watched the 4th set and got the feeling if Murray didn't close it out there, he wasn't going to close the deal. So it proved, but Murray gave Nadal one hell of a scare and proved he's the real deal, if anybody still had any doubts. And one of editors tells me I'm getting a nice wad of money in my bank account on Friday, so that'll take the pressure off for the next few weeks.

All good news. Well, except for Andy Murray losing, but you can't have it all, right? Unless you're a wyvern. I mean, who needs a dragon's head and a serpent's tail and two legs and wings, right? Doesn't that seem like over-egging the heraldic beast pudding? Much like that last, exceedingly ugly sentence. I'll stop now, while I'm behind. At least I'm warm. Hmm, warm...

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