Monday, January 01, 2007

Hogmanay cancelled due to storms - typical!

Well, that was a curiously anti-climatic New Year's Ever. In the town where I live the locals have lit a bonfire every Hogmanay for decades, perhaps centuries, to burn out the old year and burn in the new. Alas, the passing of 2006 and the arrival of 2007 was marked by storm force winds, so the Biggar bonfire was cancelled. A sad day for town, however understandable on health and safety grounds, which has kept up this tradition through wars and other dangerous times. [Apparently, they opted for a symbolic fire during WWII with several candles beneath a bucket, due to blackout restrictions to save the town from enemy bombs.]

So, we didn't go to watch the bonfire. Having hyped ourselves up for the experience, we stumbled home and collapsed on the sofa for several hours of nattering instead. Resolutions were talked over and decided [my resolutions for 2007 are here], warming cups of tea were drunk and Hogmanay salutations exchanged. My sister phoned up from New Zealand to mark the new year, but got her daylight saving time confused and called at 10pm. All in all, a somewhat off kilter celebration.

Frankly, this is how I always recall New Year's Eve - an anti-climax that never lives up to expectations. It feels like this should be the biggest party of the year, but you've been to so many events by this point party fatigue is taking its toll. Perhaps Hogmanay should be shifted to a month when not much else happens. March is a bland and lifeless month when Easter falls in April, as it does this year. Why not March? Or maybe we should all celebrated Chinese New Year instead?

Anyway, happy new year, wherever you are.

UPDATE: It seems police supervised the burning of several wooden pallets last night to satisfy those die-hards who insisted some sort of bonfire must go ahead on Biggar High Street. The real bonfire is due to be lit tonight - weather permitting.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The full bonfire did get lit on January 1st in the evening, despite a brief snowstorm. I've been asked to remove the image that was on this page as it infringed copyright - and have done so. Apologies to those affected.

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Cybez said...

I reckon March might be a bad idea for the Irish economy unless the party was on the 17th as well as St Paddys Day.

Happy New Year!