Saturday, December 09, 2006

No snow on the bloody logo, please

I've always been something of a premature Scrooge when it comes to the xmas spirit. Not that I mind giving or receiving presents, but the rampant commercialism of the season starts sooner and sooner every year. The nearest Tesco supermarket had Christmas stock out on sale at the end of September. At least in the US they have Halloween and Thanksgiving before festive insanity kicks in. The UK needs some other sort of delaying tactic holiday to stave off early onset xmas. When I was a comics editor in the 20th Century, I steadfastedly refused to have snow on the front cover logo every year. I hate magazines that snow on the logo, it's so crass and obvious. Besides, the onset of global warming means it'd be more accurate to feature coconuts and palm trees these days, not snow.

Thanks to Matt at Talking Fingers for tipping me off to this classic Chrismas ad shown below, ripping the urine out of a famous festive cartoon called The Snowman. Up here in Scotland, Irn Bru is a national institution. At the Biggar Theatre Workshop, we once had a glut of Diet Irn Bru and Guinnes. We thought you could mix the two and create an amazing new cocktail, named the Velvet Girder - nobody ever had the courage to try it. Anyway, this one's for Aled bloody Jones...

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Laura Anderson said...

I've never seen that!

It's great.