Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Genius: budgie smuggling madness

On the other side of the world from cold, frozen Blighty, my family are preparing to celebrate another Christmas in the middle of summer. My brother Andrew and his partner Tanya have just had their first baby, Rex, and the rest of the family is healthy, so that's all good. To celebrate the joys of summer in December, below is a rather droll TV ad from the Antipodes that ponders an eternal question: when does a swimming costume become underwear? In case you're wondering, togs is below-the-equator slang for a swimming costume, not a brand of nappies as it is up here. And the bit about budgie smuggling? A surreal moment of madness, I guess. Enjoy! [Thanks to Pete at Tyranny of the Blank Page for this link!]

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Matthew Cochrane said...

That voiceover sounded very much like Rob Brydon to me.