Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tony Jordan inverts Studio 60 - sort of

ITV announced yesterday it was developing two interlinked series created by Tony Jordan. ITV2 will be screening Echo Beach, a soap based in Cornwall, while ITV1 will broadcast Moving Wallpaper, a comedy-drama set behind the scenes at the making of Echo Beach. Putting aside the logistical nightmares entailed, this sounds like a British double-whammy version of Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. That's a comedy-drama set behind the scenes at the making of a late night satirical sketch show - but it rarely bothers to include scenes from the sketch show. Moving Wallpaper will achieve much the same effect, while over on ITV2 viewers can watch the soap being made in Moving Wallpaper. I can feel the infinite recursion causality loop folding over upon itself already. For more on this, check out English Dave's thoughts on the matter.


Clemmo said...

I submit that the conjoined anime series known as "A15" has already won the recursive prize. In 2004 it featured Cosmopolitan Prayers, a series about a schoolgirl superheroine, Aim for the Hit, a series about the behind-the-scenes making of Cosmopolitan Prayers, and Love Love, a fly-on-the-wall romance about the photographer hired to document the rehearsals of the actresses hired by the Aim for the Hit production company to star in Cosmopolitan Prayers.

David Bishop said...

Aiieee! Stop it, you're maing my head hurt!