Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The joy of everyday objects that work

I've been having printer problems for months. The Canon I bought to accompany gave up the ghost waaay too quickly, and my old Epson Stylus has been dying on its arse for years. Finally, yesterday, I snapped. Having spent a smll fortune on cartridges for both bloody printers, neither of them was willing to work for more than five minutes. Back when I was still editing and designing the Judge Dredd Megazine, I needed a colour printer to do my job effectively - but that was five years ago. I'd say that 99% of my work is text these days, so a good, efficient B&W printer is all I need. Time to upgrade to a nice, shiny, new laserjet.

Yesterday I ordered the HP 1022 from Amazon.co.uk, with express delivery specified for a few extra squids. It arrived this morning before nine and took all of 23 minutes to set up. I've just printed my first few pages and they shot like a rabbit from a trap. Blimey, it's fast! And the print quality? Stunning. That's it, I am never going back to inkjet printing again. Let joy be unconfined, let there rejoicing in the streets and necking in the parlour. I have a printer that works and I feel fine. Amen.

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Piers said...

I upgraded to a LaserJet a bit over a year ago. And the best bit is, after the initial hit, the damn thing is *cheaper* than an Inkjet, 'cos you don't have to replace the cartridges as ofter.