Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's official: A Murder in Marienburg

I've been all coy about the novel I wrote for Games Workshop's Black Library imprint due to non-disclosure agreements, but a quick Google reveals the official Black Library website has already posted news of the impending tome! The scamps. Here's what they said:
David Bishop is now half way through his debut Warhammer novel, A Murder in Marienburg. Dave has a long and distinguished career in fiction writing and journalism, so it's an honour to have him writing for the Black Library. Dave has had many books published under the Black Flame imprint, notably the Fiends of the Eastern Front trilogy and the Nikolai Dante books, so we can look forward to an equally entertaining read set in the murky (and wet!) port of Marienburg.

Elsewhere on the Black Library site mention is made of the fact A Murder in Marienburg will published in May 2007, runs to 416 pages and costs £6.99. Now all we need is the cover art. Tsk, so much for the Black Library omerta! Can I point out I hate being called Dave? My name's David Bishop - accept no substitutes.

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