Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In esteemed company, with Ghost Who Walks

I regularly write scripts for The Phantom, a costumed comic hero who's been fighting injustice, piracy and tyranny for nearly 500 years. This character - known as the Ghost Who Walks - started life as a newspaper adventure strip in 1936 and he's still going strong. My stories are published across Scandinavia in various languages by Egmont, and reprinted into English by Australia's Frew Comics. But Egmont is not the only companies that originates new comics starring The Phantom. America's Moonstone Books also publishes new tales featuring the character.

Now Moonstone is putting together an anthology of prose stories starring The Phantom and I was lucky enough to have a tale included in the book. Other scribes in the time include Craig Shaw Gardner, Jim Alexander, Mike Bullock, Ron Fortier, Steven Grant, Clay Griffith, Susan Griffith, C. J. Henderson, Nancy Kilpatrick, Len Kody, David Michelinie, Will Murray, Mike Oliveri and Martin Powell. Above you can see the stunning cover art by Doug Klauba. The book's out next May and you can order the regular paperback version or a special limited edition hardcover from Amazon.com now.


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Another publication with the names Bishop and Alexander attached after all this time. Should a nation be afraid?

Thanks for the advice on writing the Phantom, btw. I followed it literally.