Monday, October 09, 2006

Tyranny of the Blank Page

Purely by chance I discovered my old work colleague Pete Kempshall has a blog, the semi-aptly named Tyranny of the Blank Page. In these computer-based days, it should probably be Tyranny of the Blank Screen, but that doesn't have quite the same combination of romantic self-delusion, ennui and quiet terror that being a writer often has. Pete worked with me on the Judge Dredd Megazine back in the mid-90s, before doing a bunk to Australia with his unfeasibly tall partner. After a lot of hard work he's started to make some breakthroughs as a fiction scribe. So, for a peek at an English writer's life down under, check out Tyranny of the Blank Page.

1 comment:

Pete Kempshall said...

There's still an element of blank-paging for me, to be honest. I'm enough of a Luddite to still do all my initial scratchings on paper! Only tend to graduate to the PC when things have a bit of shape to them.

And thanks for the link - it's tripled my traffic!