Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Try these screenwriting blogs...

Stumbled across two more interesting blogs by people involved with screenwriting in the UK. Wordface is home to the thoughts of Mark Grieg, whose recent and upcoming credits include afterlife and Life on Mars. More shows with the word life in the title can be expected from him, it would seem.

Also well worth a look is the marvellously named My Forehead Is Bleeding, in which a spec scriptwriter, editor and reader muses about their chosen careers, finding the right courses to satisfy their needs and similar stuff. You've got to love this blogging malarkey, you find out all sorts of fascinating things when you read between the lines...


Cybez said...

"Afterlife and Life on Mars" the Mrs loves those better watch she doesn't start blogger stalking ;-)

potdoll said...

Oh no I'm all paranoid now!

What've you been reading inbetween my lines?

Am I coming across as a complete cock-knocker or something?


Cybez said...

If you're Val McDermaid in disguise or involved in writing Lost she might stalk you as well ;-)

It's the blog feed subscribers you need to watch, who knows who they really are? ;-)

And the commenters who always wink ;-)

Optimistic_Reader said...

Does the fact that I haven't heard the phrase cock-knocker before mean I'm very innocent? I'm probably going to use to insult my many siblings now though, so probably not.

potdoll said...

Cyberscribe you're SCARING ME VERY MUCH with your stalking and your ;-)y talk!

OM. I caught that word off someone else. I know what it means but I wouldn't want you corrupted; you're too pure and lovely.

Looks like the viscious one isn't going to cough up what he's seen between my lines. I'm going to check to see what's between YOUR imagery lines! Oh yes.

Cybez said...

It's scarier for male bloggers getting stalked I reckon, because I've read a few definitions for "cock-knocker" and I don't want it to happen to me.