Friday, October 13, 2006

Studio; radio; TPO

Back to college today, where we have a morning session in Studio 1 discussing Robert Bresson's L'Argent - not a film that rings my bell. I admire his fixed camera positioning and the choice to have no score, only rare soundings of source music. But denying the actors any opportunity to act? Having a love of acting myself, that simply serves to frustrate me. It's a shame Bresson is dead, as his choices might have been better suited to a completely CGI feature.

I've been invited to take part in a radio drama lab next month, led by BBC Scotland drama development producer David Ian Neville. It's designed for people who've had a play already broadcast but are looking to move on to the next step within the medium. That neatly sums up my position at present. I've got no shortage of ideas for radio but simply haven't found the time or impetus to develop them further - this will be my chance.

The downside is I'll miss at least two successive Fridays from college, and possibly three. That's effectively a quarter of the first trimester. No doubt my appreciation of the modules will suffer as a consequence, but the radio lab is too good an opportunity to miss: close quarters, intensive development work that could lead to specific commissions for broadcast drama trumps group discussions about film theory and practice.

In other news, my book on the history of iconic British comic 2000 AD is now available for pre-order from The cover shown by Amazon is a placeholder, not a representation of what the final cover art will look like. It's an exciting moment, bringing me one step closer to seeing this five-year project come to fruitition. You can find out more about the book by going here.

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